May 29, 2023

ELEGOO Brings Phecda, an Affordable Laser Engraver & Cutter, to Kickstarter

ELEGOO is well-known internationally for their 3D printers. I’ve reviewed several here at GeekDad, most recently covering the Neptune 3 Pro FDM printer.

Now they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to introduce a new machine into their lineup, the Phecda laser engraver & cutter.

Phecda is a laser engraver & cutter, with an engraving size of 400 mm x 400 mm. It is available in two versions: the Phecda, with a 10W laser, and the Phecda Pro, with a 20W laser. It supports engraving and cutting of metal, leather, wood, and other materials. There is also a rotary axis module to engrave curved objects such as cylinders.

As laser engraving can produce a lot of smoke, there is a magnetic visor on the Z-axis of the Phecda, as well as a smoke filter on top. This both reduces the noise of the machine and handles the smoke produced from the engraving.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Phecda laser engraver & cutter launches at 14:00 UTC (7am PDT) on April 8th. There is a limited number of Early Bird discounts, with 500 units of the Phecda available for $240, and 500 of the Phecda Pro for $400. Additionally, the Early Bird machines will be the first to ship out to backers, with an estimated date of June 2023.

Here is a breakdown of the different pledge levels, and their estimated ship dates:

When ELEGOO announced that they were making a laser engraver & cutter, I got very excited. I’ve long been interested in designing and laser cutting my own wooden buildings for use in miniature wargaming. Additionally, you can use a laser engraver & cutter to make many different arts and crafts, employing a variety of materials.

Quality laser engravers can be quite expensive, so it’s great to see the Phecda landing on Kickstarter at a very good price point. Having not yet gotten my hands on one, I can’t yet speak to how well the Phecda performs. However, I’ve been very impressed with all of the 3D printers that I’ve reviewed from ELEGOO, so I’m confident that the Phecda will rise to the same level.

With the addition of the Phecda laser engraver & cutter, ELEGOO has an affordable machine with a lot of great features. I’m looking forward to reviewing one in the not too distant future.

In the meanwhile, if you want to pick up a Phecda for yourself at Kickstarter prices, be sure to head to the ELEGOO Phecda campaign page on April 8th.