Jun 11, 2023

MX Diamond: Precision Milling Solution at EMO Hannover 2023

In response to the growing demand for light metal workpieces and their machining tools, URMA recognized the need for enhanced efficiency and reduced complexity. Leveraging their experience in high-precision quick-change cut-off points, URMA developed the MX diamond system. This modular cutting tool utilizes the highly precise RX quick-change cut-off point, eliminating the need for subsequent corrections during cutting edge changes and guaranteeing impeccable axial run-out. The MX diamond features solid carbide cutting edge bodies equipped with up to 20 polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tips, making it ideal for machining lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium, copper-containing metals, composites, and fiber-reinforced plastics.

The MX diamond system offers numerous advantages. The quick-change system ensures ease of handling, with high changeover accuracy and minimal adjustments required for axial run-out. Replacing the cutting edge takes less than five minutes, saving valuable time compared to traditional milling tools. The PCD tipping provides exceptional tool life, surface quality, and process reliability, particularly in the machining of aluminum and non-ferrous metals. The MX diamond is suitable for high-speed milling, meeting the highest demands in terms of surface quality and accuracy. Its solid carbide cutting edge body enhances rigidity, reducing vibrations and micro chipping, thus improving tool life and component quality. Furthermore, the MX diamond’s chip space geometry and integrated coolant supply optimize chip removal throughout the machining process.

With key specifications including diameters of 63, 100, and 125 mm, concentricity of less than 0.004 mm, axial run-out of less than 0.002 mm, cutting speeds of up to 5000 m/min, and a feed rate ranging from 0.05 to 0.3 mm per tooth, the MX diamond offers versatility and precision. URMA AG’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its delivery time, with standard products available ex-stock.

URMA AG, headquartered in Rupperswil, Switzerland, has been at the forefront of precision tool system development for over six decades. The company’s dedication to innovation, process reliability, and efficiency has made it a trusted partner in the drilling industry worldwide. URMA’s comprehensive range of standard and special tools, coupled with its state-of-the-art Test Centre for prototyping and research, positions it as a leader in providing individualized solutions and driving innovation in the manufacturing sector.

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