Apr 08, 2024

Report: IMPACT Making ‘Massive Upgrades’ To Production Facility, Joint Show Planned

IMPACT Wrestling reportedly held a meeting ahead of their television tapings on August 28. The meeting featured multiple announcements.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that IMPACT held an all hands on-deck meeting prior to the taping, and several talents have helped provide clarity to what was said at the meeting.

Per Johnson, IMPACT will be making “massive upgrades” to its production facility, beginning this fall. These upgrades will come with “state-of-the-art production technology and advances” to IMPACT’s weekly show and future pay-per-views. Johnson wrote that the promotion will be making renovations to their space at Skyway Studios, which will force them to edit and produce elsewhere during this time.

The report notes that this process is believed to require roughly a month, as well as a few more weeks for staff to master the new system. During this time, IMPACT production will be aided by some sister companies for the shows that will air after Bound for Glory.

Johnson went on to note that the company will be making some changes to their TV taping schedule for the rest of 2023 due to the upgrades. He wrote that there will not be conventional tapings in the near future. Instead, the company will tape at their announced live events. The timeline is somewhat unclear, as IMPACT has already announced a post-Bound for Glory set of tapings.

As part of this approach, less talents will be utilized for the rest of the year following Bound for Glory weekend. However, Anthem will pay day rate talent for extra days to make up for it.

Per Johnson, the revised schedule will begin with IMPACT’s return to Europe at the end of October. These shows will be taped for television. Plus, IMPACT reportedly informed talent of a joint show with AAA in Mexico this November, which will air on TV.

The report also notes that Final Resolution will be held in Toronto on December 11. Furthermore, Hard To Kill 2024 is set for Las Vegas in January. The event will be held on the Las Vegas strip for the first time.

Johnson went on to cite sources who noted that no talent releases as a result of these changes are expected. IMPACT has typically used a smaller-than-usual roster for overseas tours regardless. Finally, IMPACT plans to return to using the complete roster in 2024. The expectation is that they will have a “far grander year” going forward after the completion of this process.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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