Jun 13, 2023


The automotive industry is witnessing a shift towards increased involvement of OEMs in battery cell production, which is now physically closer to vehicle assembly plants. As battery technology, durability, and performance become crucial differentiators for OEMs, the need for efficient machining solutions is more critical than ever. Fernando Oliveira, Global Manager for Automotive Aluminium at Sandvik Coromant, explains that the M5F90 face-milling cutter can play a vital role in enabling OEMs to excel in these areas.

Battery systems are constantly evolving, requiring the production of near-net shaped parts based on more complex designs. Machining these intricate designs demands lightweight tools that minimize impact on the machine tool while ensuring the component retains its shape. The M5F90 cutter, with its smaller cutter body and brazed Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tips, is specifically designed to machine thin-wall aluminum parts without burring, scratching, or chipping.

OEMs are not only getting more involved in battery production but also racing to build lighter and more efficient electric vehicles (EVs) with extended travel distances per charge. “Lightweighting” has emerged as a strategy to achieve better fuel efficiency and handling. Aluminium, being one of the lightest metals, has become an established solution for lightweighting in the automotive industry. It offers exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and recyclability, making it an ideal choice for battery racks.

Aluminum battery racks, which feature smaller faces with more threads, holes, and other features, present unique machining challenges. The M5F90 face-milling cutter is specifically tailored to address these challenges. Equipped with brazed PCD inserts, the cutter allows for high feed rates, eliminates cutting vibrations, and ensures reliable performance with improved tool life. In a recent application, the M5F90 cutter was used to machine an aluminum battery tray, showcasing its ability to achieve roughing and finishing in a single operation, thus saving time and enhancing productivity.

Reducing CO2 emissions is a pressing concern for the automotive industry. Lightweight measures, such as using aluminum components, can significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Sandvik Coromant’s M5F90 cutter, with its ability to efficiently machine lightweight aluminum battery racks, aligns with OEMs’ sustainability strategies and supports their efforts to build environmentally friendly vehicles.

With its continued focus on research and development, Sandvik Coromant remains at the forefront of manufacturing tools and machining solutions that drive industry standards and innovations. By providing cutting-edge solutions like the M5F90 face-milling cutter, Sandvik Coromant empowers OEMs to excel in battery system production and stand out from their competitors.

For more information on Sandvik Coromant’s tooling solutions for aluminum machining, please visit their official website. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the M5F90 cutter represents a significant advancement in machining technology, ensuring that OEMs can meet the evolving demands of the market while maintaining the highest quality and productivity standards.

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