Nov 12, 2023


Spider-Man's rogues gallery all have powers and abilities that Peter Parker could find a more heroic use for, and each upgrade could elevate Spidey.

The Amazing Spider-Man has been given that moniker because of his incredible abilities. While Peter Parker might have honed his craft as a web-slinger, there are still limitations to the character. The web-head is constantly looking for new gear that can give him an extra edge in battle. But perhaps the character should be looking to his villains.

Spider-Man recently began using the glider and technology of the Green Goblin, after forming an uneasy alliance with Norman Osborn. The resources he gained have been vital in his operations as the friendly neighborhood hero. With that in mind, there are plenty more gadgets, powers, and concepts that can taken from Spider-Man's rogue gallery and applied to the vigilante.

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Spider-Man has used mechanical arms in the past with great success. The Iron Spider armor for example is well known for its additional attachments, which Peter quickly harnessed effectively within his combat arsenal. However, Doctor Octopus' arms are next-level in their design.

Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms boast strength, resiliency, and malleability. They are the key to the villain's success and can easily be readjusted to suit Peter Parker's needs. It's an idea that was explored in Spider-Man lore when Doc Ock became the Superior Spider-Man, but there's always room for further improvement.

Mysterio has been utilized as a genuine threat and as a joke. While the villain is far from terrifying when his gimmicks are stripped away, with his technology and trickery Mysterio has genuinely played with Peter Parker's mind. His ability to reinvent himself is something to marvel at and Mysterio's use of his skills never gets any less ambitious.

Spider-Man could make great use of Mysterio's abilities, to create more of a presence for himself. While Peter would never be called a trickster, he loves to have fun in the midst of battle, cracking jokes at the enemy's expense. There's a clear link between Spidey's sense of humor and the upgrades Mysterio's powers could bestow upon him. At the very least, they could be used as a much-needed distraction.

The Chameleon and Spider-Man go way back, and the villain has enjoyed genuine longevity on the page despite his limited skillset. Although he might not match the power level of Peter Parker's diverse rogues roster, he is a master of disguise and has tricked the web-head on more than one occasion.

Chameleon can blend into the background, masquerade as an ally, or create a whole new identity to manipulate. The technologies and masks, alongside the mimicry techniques that Chameleon employs, could be utilized by Spider-Man in stealth scenarios. It would be easier to investigate a criminal conspiracy with Chameleon's upgrades.

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The Vulture is far past his prime in the modern Earth-616 continuity, yet he has cemented himself as one of Spider-Man's defining villains. The criminal has relied upon his wing suit throughout his career, soaring through the New York night sky with speed and surprising elegance.

Spider-Man has been known to glide across the city with his own webbed wings, but they don't pack the punch that Vulture's powers do. Spider-Man travels via his web-slinging, but Vulture's wings would upgrade his game and could save the day when he runs out of web-fluid. Plus, their maneuverability would ensure he could keep up with other airborne costumed criminals.

Hydro-Man has a mastery over H20 and has made a career out of that advantageous power set. Morphing his form into liquid, there are plenty of benefits to this watery power set. Hydro-Man can wash away the enemy, get away with efficient ease, and continue to switch between a human and aquatic form at any given time.

Water spiders are a real thing, so maybe it's time to give Spider-Man an aquatic upgrade. While it would take some time to master such a powerful skill, Peter would be able to diversify his plans of attack and defense through these remarkable abilities. The quips Spidey would come up with are surely enough to consider the concept. While other Spider-People like Spider-Woman are differentiated through the use venom blasts and other such powers, Spider-Man could blow them all out of the water with this gift.

Black Cat is a talented cat burglar. Her agility, penchant for detailed planning, and years in the field have maintained her skills and honed her craft further. When something needs thieving, Spider-Man calls on his friend and love interest. But Black Cat is bad luck to be around.

Black Cat's powers have been depicted to cause bad luck for her enemies. She cannot control what will happen, since the outcome is seemingly random. Peter Parker and bad luck go hand-in-hand, it would make a promising change for him to finally wield the gift himself.

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A huge factor behind Curt Connor's scientific research was centered on the healing abilities of the human body. Connors wanted to expand what the human form was capable of and in his experiments, the Lizard was created. Connors certainly got one thing right from his work, he learned how to heal more effectively.

The Lizard has been shown to grow back body parts and is incredibly resilient to harm. Spider-Man would benefit from this quicker and more substantial healing. He definitely wouldn't want to turn into a giant lizard, but he has had enough near-death experiences in his life to recognize the need for the reptilian powers.

The Spot was an obscure Marvel villain that gained more of a spotlight due to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. While the true extent of the character's abilities might never be known, on the page Spot's portals have been traditionally portrayed as doorways into another dimension known as Spotworld. They can be used to travel great distances in rapid time.

The Spot uses his dots in battle and in his travel plans, and Spider-Man would be able to harness those powers just as well. Although the Spot's upgrades can be unpredictable, one massive benefit is that the Spot has demonstrated near-immortality. The character has been killed and reappeared in Spotworld fully formed. The world needs Spider-Man to be able to keep fighting.

Venom's powers are partially influenced by the symbiote's time bonded to Peter Parker. The narrative of the black suit Spider-Man is incredibly infamous, but Venom has carved a path for himself away from the vigilante after bonding with other characters. The symbiote still web-slings across the city, although his tendrils are organically formed.

Peter Parker has been web-slinging ever since he put on the fabled mask. But Earth-616's iteration of the character uses web-shooters to get around. They can run out of webbing, become damaged, and simply not thwip anymore. Peter needs that Venom upgrade, to produce organic webbing that never falters.

Mephisto has changed Spider-Man's entire world. The demonic entity is an Avengers-level threat and has supernatural abilities that even Doctor Strange fears. His understanding of the dark arts is secondary only to his manipulation of reality. The hellish Mephisto is entrenched in Marvel lore and his powers are integral to the balance of the universe.

Mephisto's abilities mean that the character is out of Spider-Man's league, but Peter faces far too many magical threats to only rely on his technological upgrades. If he was given a tiny slice of Mephisto's gifts, he might be able to hold his own against the gods, monsters, and magicians of the supernatural world.

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