Aug 12, 2023

Dozens of dogs find new homes after puppy mill rescue

MERRILL, Wis. (WAOW) -- A puppy mill rescue leads to a puppy gathering with their new families.

Erin Maluegge put 32 dogs in her car after she got a call for help at a puppy mill.

"I got a phone call last week that he had, he told me he had three moms and a dad and proceeded to say that they all had puppies with them and I started adding them up and doing the math I was like wow this is gonna be a lot of dogs," said Maluegge.

Almost three dozen dogs spent the night at her home, and by the next day all but one were with new foster families.

"Let's call in all favours, we have a great community and everybody stepped up and I have one dog left at my house that had to get neutered and be on medicine so as soon as he's okay he'll be adopted too, it's really amazing how quickly everyone was willing to help out," said Maluegge.

She said she's been rescuing and helping dogs for two years now, and said she can't just leave animals in need.

"The conditions that they came out of, they had no chance and they were literally in cages and having babies over and over and over again and they couldn't even walk because some of them had such bad matts on their legs," she said.

Now shaved, cleaned and in loving homes the puppies and their parents are doing well.

"To be able to see them all end up in good homes, it makes it so worth it," said Maluegge.

Foster families said helping out is always something they're willing to do.

"Just seeing this here is one reason, seeing all the dogs that need help and there's so many in our community and surrounding community that need help," said Amanda Frederick, Puppy foster parent.

Wags of Wisconsin is working on setting up an official Facebook page.

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