New Cement Fiberboard Production Line Flow

New Cement Fiberboard Production Line Flow

Overview Package Size 1000000.00cm * 1000000.00cm * 1000000.00cm Package Gross Weight 100000.000kg Product Description O


Basic Info.
Model NO. YR-MPL-01
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power Source Electric
Screw Design Double-Screw
Certification CE, ISO
Condition New
Customized Customized
Finish Product Type Standard Board /Sanding Board
Raw Material MGO Powder/Mgso4/Perlite/Bamboo/Fiber Glass Mesh
Finish Product Size 1220*2440/3000mm
Finish Product Application Interior/Exterior Wall, Floor, Ceiling, etc
Power Supply Electric
Finish Product Thickness 3-25mm
Shaft Mixer Double
Machine Capacity 2000pieces/8 Hours, Calculated Based on 1220*2440*
Famous Brand Used German Rittal, Siemens
Control System PLC Simens
Automation Fully Automatic
Workshop Size >=7000sqm, High>=7m
Product Name MGO Board Production Line
Transport Package Plywood Box
Specification 2000*4000*250mm
Trademark OYD brand
Origin Shandong
HS Code 8474801000
Production Capacity 50sets/Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 1000000.00cm * 1000000.00cm * 1000000.00cm Package Gross Weight 100000.000kg
Product Description

Product Description

Our machine line solution is a new type of production solution in the fiber cement board.
It is a type of flow-roll forming process, with no need for high temperature and a high-pressure curing process.
The typical process is as follows: raw materials metering and feeding - raw materials mixing - pouring mixed materials on forming line (on the molds) - laying the fiberglass mesh - curing process - cutting and sanding - packaging.
The raw materials are mainly cement, sanding, and sawdust also could add industry solid waste, and ceramsite.

New Cement Fiberboard Production Line Flow-Roll Forming Process

Product NameMGO Board Production Line
automaticallyall Automatic
Production capacity2000pieces/8 hours, calculated based on 1220*2440*8mm
Workshop size≥7000sqm, High≥7m
Control systemPLC simens
Famous Brand UsedGerman Rittal, Siemens
Control SystemPLC Simens
CertificationISO or as the client request
Finish Product Size1220*2440/3000mm
Finish Product TypeStandard Board /Sanding Board
Raw MaterialMgO powder/mgso4/perlite/bamboo/fiberglass mesh
Shaft MixerDouble
Finish Product Thickness3-25mm
Finish Product ApplicationInterior/Exterior Wall, Floor, Ceiling, etc.
Power SupplyElectric
Applicationinterior/exterior wall, floor, ceiling, etc.
After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service LocationCanada, United States, Brazil, Peru, Pakistan
What are the advantages of new technology over traditional technology?
(1) Advantages of finished products: It has the advantages of glass magnesium board:
• Excellent fire performance
• Insulation from heat and cold
• sound insulation
• Moisture-proof
• Resilience (all proper modeling possible)
• pest control
• Simple, easy and fast construction
• Easy to trim, cut, drill, plan and shear
• durable
• 100% free of hazardous substances (eg asbestos)
• Environmental friendly
And alkali resistance, waterproof, can be used outdoors and other advantages.
The range of finished products is wider than that of traditional craft products, and the thickness and strength can be adjusted.
(2) Equipment advantages:
Our investment is smaller than in traditional crafts, which can save costs.
Our equipment can produce 2 kinds of finished products, and the application range is wider.
(3)The traditional raw materials are: pulp + cement + ceramic sand, density and flexural resistance are not adjustable;
Our new technology: using glass fiber cloth, the bending resistance is adjustable; at the same time, the density of the finished products produced by our equipment can be adjusted through formula feeding.

Product Advantages

1. Feeding Material Making Board System It used PCL automatic control system, and gang control for each part. it is automatic, with less labor and high efficiency. And we design an automatic feeding system for measurement and rate precisely. Also, most parts of this system have a professional dedusting system, so there is even no dust during production, and the workshop environment is much better.2. Automatic Stripping Line The whole line used PCL automatic control system, gang control for each part, and has the function of re-separation of the plate and mold, so it has no adhesion between them. It is automatic, with less labor and has high efficiency.
3. Automatic Cutting and crushing system The whole line adopts PLC automatic control system, the system has the functions of automatic board-loading, automatic board-arranging, automatic cutting, automatic stacking and automatic edge-feeding. Each link realizes linkage control, high automation and less Labor.
4. Automatic sanding System Using two or more sanding machines to connect and automatically turn over the board, the board can meet the requirements of the customers, and meet the different sanding requirements of the customers.5. Control system The control system uses Siemens PLC, touch screen control and servo motor system. The whole system has an ethernet interface, it can connect with a frequency converter, control the motor start and stop, and also control the speed.6. Maintenance room System Hot Air, electric heating and heat-conducting oil are used in the maintenance rooms for customers to choose. Adopt PLC intelligent system, that can realize automatic heating, automatic mixing heat, automatic regulating and automatic maintenance.

Company Profile

New Cement Fiberboard Production Line Flow-Roll Forming Process

We are a building material group company with 8 branches specialized in different building material and machinery manufacturing with 30 years of history. our company occupies the finest MgO board production, formula and the highest configuration machinery equipment in China.

1Equipped with a production line with the highest level of automation in the country to ensure processing standards and consistency.
8We are a building materials group company with 8 branches.
28Deeply studied MgO board and production machinery for 28+ years, own top technique.
10Engineers and workers have ten years of experience and professional technology.
100Our company's philosophy is to provide customers with a high-end production line with a one-stop service to guarantee you a 100% successful project.

Packaging & Shipping

Before delivery, we conduct an inspection and test the machine to ensure the quality of the product.

Systematic Packing & Modular installation

After Sales Service

We have summarized a set of perfect after-sales services through many cases so that you have no worries:

1)From the beginning production line and layout designing, after the order is confirmed, we will provide a foundation drawing for you to prepare civil works.2)When the equipment arrives, we will dispatch engineers to install and commission the production line for you. At the same time, I'll train the workers and adjust suitable production formulas for you to guarantee you produce qualified panels.3)When the project is finished, our service will still continue, we will guide you on how to maintain the equipment, if you need to buy raw materials, like additives, also we can help you contact our long-term cooperation factory at a reasonable price.4)What's more important, if we develop new technology or have an updated product formula, we will also inform you to help you update.5)If necessary, we can arrange for one engineer to stay in your factory to guide production and management. And you only need to pay his salary. Our company's philosophy is to provide customers with a high-end product line with a one-stop service to guarantee you a 100% successful project.

1. Q: How long is the warranty for your equipment?
A: 1year

2. Q: Do you supply spare parts?
A: Excellent easy broken parts support for buyers. Easy broken parts guarantee for one year.3. Q: Will you provide training?
A: The training is free of charge, and our engineer will be on duty to train your workers.4. Q: How will you provide installation&commissioning?
A: Will provide 2~8 persons (table according to the degree of automatic) for installation. The engineers' team will go with your project.5. Q: How long does it take for the installation and commissioning?
A: Depending on the configuration, normally it only takes 15-25 days. Including workers' training.6. Q:What are your wearing parts?There are not many wearing parts of our equipment, mainly saw blades, limit switches and some bearings;Saw blade: After about 20,000 boards are produced, it needs to be re-sharpened, not necessarily replaced;Bearings: generally do not need to be replaced within one year;Generally, after the cooperation, we will list our detailed wearing parts, the above is for reference7
Q: What is the power of your curing room? Do you use a boiler too?We also burn boilers, generally the main fuel is natural gas; we use hot air boilers, which are different from steam-cured kettles, and we don't need boilers to reach a certain pressure indexThe boiler does not need to run continuously for 24 hours every day. The main purpose is to maintain the temperature in the curing room to meet the temperature standard we need. Therefore, in China, it usually starts to burn in the afternoon until the next morning. When the temperature reaches the requirement, there is no need to continue to burn.8. Q:How many people are generally needed?about 20 people9. Q:What is the percentage of waste generated in your production?The main thing in our production is the leftover material after cutting the board, which can be crushed and directly used as the recycled material in the raw materials for the production of the next batch of boards; the proportion of the leftover material produced is about 6%~8 per board %.

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