Jul 03, 2023


S&S Cycle has upped its intake game with a new version of its popular high-flow manifold for the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight (M8). “As we push the cubic inch boundaries of the M8, it became clear we’d need to do the same for our high-flow manifold, and a CNC porting job added the aerodynamic efficiency these monster motors are demanding,” shared Grant Hillegass, product line manager at S&S.

Porting is done using a five-axis CNC machining center for the ultimate in consistent shape and flow characteristics. Knowing polished porting has little impact on the intake side, S&S leverages a uniformly spaced and shaped texture that not only creates a larger surface area to encourage fuel dissipation but also superior atomization of the fuel air mixture.

The S&S Cycle CNC ported manifold fits all 55-millimeter throttle bodies and works excellently with factory as well as ported heads and is available in black only. It is available through your local dealer or directly from S&S Cycle. Check out the details as well as the collection of performance parts for this machine on the S&S site or hit up your local dealer for more info: