Dec 05, 2023

Microsoft's new Edge marketing includes a hedgehog

Microsoft is leaning on a new 4.2 oz mammal to help revitalize brand awareness for its Edge browser named Edgehog the Hedgehog.

Microsoft may not be prepared to launch a multi-billion dollar ad blitz across print, radio or digital media, but the company does have a new strategy of utilizing a hedgehog to get users acquainted with its Edge browser.

Edgehog the Hedghog was introduced via Microsoft Edge’s Twitter and greeted with its own personal Microsoft employee badge as well as a series of small videos following the tiny spiked Erinacine through a day of climbing, sleeping, and playing at a company office.

sorry we missed your pings, we were busy today

— Microsoft Edge (@MicrosoftEdge) July 25, 2023

Despite the addition of the new cuddly mascot, it doesn’t seem like Microsoft is ready to let off its aggressive tactics to etch out more browser market share which has led to many Windows users complaining about an abundance of pop ups, prompts, and settings trickery to inflate its usage numbers as of late.

It’s also unclear how Edgehog plays into the larger artificial intelligence narrative Microsoft is forming around new Edge features, or how long the Edge team plans to use the tiny ball of spikes as its new mascot.

Whatever the purpose or length to Edgehog’s association with Microsoft’s replacement to Internet Explorer, many are finding its presence a nice departure from the traditionally stuffy and manufactured brand ambassador efforts companies participate in.

Are you using Edge and are you making use of the latest AI features?