Jun 04, 2024

Pixel Watch 2 leak suggests it's lighter, but that may not be a good thing

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We haven’t heard much about the Pixel Watch 2, unlike the Pixel 8 series that the wearable is expected to launch with. Some bits and pieces have been trickling it, but not enough to give us a complete picture just yet. In another such small but relevant leak, folks at 9to5Google claim that the Pixel Watch 2 will feature an aluminum construction instead of stainless steel.

The publication cites sources as saying that the second Google smartwatch will weigh slightly lesser than the 36g Pixel Watch as a result of the new metal. While that’s great for wrist comfort, it could mean that the smartwatch wouldn’t bring significant battery gains over the current model.

Aluminum is no stranger to Google-owned Fitbit, which has both the Sense and Versa lines sporting the material. While the original Pixel Watch is already petite compared to most smartwatches on the market, its battery barely lasts a day. Previous rumors have suggested that the Pixel Watch 2 might fix that with a more efficient Qualcomm chip. So this latest rumor about the weight of the Pixel Watch 2 suggests Google could very well stick with the same 294mAh battery. Moreover, an aluminum body might make the Pixel Watch 2 more susceptible to scratches as the material is softer than stainless steel.

Besides a new shell, the Pixel Watch 2 could debut a redesigned Fitbit app with a new Discover page and reworked elements. 9to5Google has learned that a new “Coach” branded workouts feature is coming to the app and Fitbit Premium. The publication claims the feature is similar to what Fitbit Premium already offers today.