Dec 26, 2023

Warren County residents on

WARREN, P.A. (WKBW) — As the search continues for escaped inmate Michael Burham, residents are feeling uneasy.

Burham escaped from the Warren County Jail Thursday night by using exercise equipment to get onto the roof, then forming a rope with bed sheets tied together to get down to the ground.

This escape leaves the town quiet and afraid.

"We don't see this in our community," said Nathan Chiaccio, a neighbor who lives right by the jail. "This is a town where we usually don't lock our doors at night."

Burham is accused of killing his girlfriend, 34-year-old Jamestown resident Kala Hodgkin, in May. This was just before he led police on a two-week-long manhunt after he kidnapped a couple in Pennsylvania and dropped them off in South Carolina.

Authorities say Burham is considered "armed and dangerous" and it is possible that he has a firearm.

In order to try to facilitate his arrest, there has been a transfer of command from the City of Warren Police Department to the Pennsylvania State Police.

"Last night my sister was super scared," said Bree Huntington, who lives right by the jail. "She got out a metal bat and had a knife under her pillow."

Warren residents are worried about their loved ones.

"I'm afraid for my family," said Chiaccio. "You can't fathom that we're really going through this."

Burham was last seen wearing an orange and white jumpsuit, a denim jacket, and Crocs, but according to police, it is likely that he has changed his clothes. Officials are asking residents to stay safe and to call (717) 265-9650 or (717) 265-9651 if they see anything suspicious.